Vision system with electronic focus

Radiant Vision Systems, a provider of visual test and measurement solutions for light sources and displays, releases the XRE Lens for near-eye display testing of extended reality (XR) headsets and smart glasses. Using technology that features electronic focus and configuration options, the XRE Lens offers flexibility for evaluating visual elements as they’re seen through the headset, simplifying the task of deploying measurement for a diverse array of AR, VR, and MR devices. The lens pairs with high-resolution ProMetric imaging colorimeters and photometers and TT-ARVR Software to provide a complete automated visual inspection solution for XR display testing in R&D and production.

In 2018 Radiant transformed XR display testing with the release of its award-winning AR/VR Lens – the first commercially available imaging metrology solution to feature a lens design with optical entrance pupil (aperture) at the front. This design allows the test system to be positioned within a headset to replicate the near-eye pupil position of the human eye. Applying wide-field-of-view (WFOV) optics, the AR/VR Lens solution can image the entire immersive display field of view (FOV) to evaluate all visual qualities as viewed from the user’s perspective.

The XRE Lens is the first imaging metrology solution to offer electronic focus for in-headset XR display testing. Electronic focus allows precise focal distances to be set and adjusted remotely via software to measure multiple or variable focal planes. Electronic focus also enables automated focus changes as part of fully automated visual inspection routines, optimizing testing efficiency and supporting advanced analysis.

To provide additional flexibility, the XRE Lens is available in two configurations – folded or non-folded – to achieve the appropriate near-eye measurement position within different headset form factors. The folded (“periscope”) geometry can be applied to measure devices with head straps or other headgear that prevent a linear path to the near-eye measurement position. A folded configuration also supports dual-eye (stereoscopic) measurement, where two XRE Lens systems are positioned inside the headset at once to capture simultaneous measurements of left- and right-eye positions. Both folded and non-folded lens configurations pair with either the ProMetric Y Imaging Photometer for luminance-only measurement or the ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeter for measuring values ​​of luminance and chromaticity. Manufacturers can choose from 29-, 45-, and 61-megapixel resolution options to maximize imaging precision over the solution’s ±35° (70° total) field of view.

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