Google unveils its free personal tier for legacy G Suite users ahead of a new June deadline

You have until June 27th to sign up and avoid subscription fees

Google kicked off this year with a bombshell announcement: free legacy G Suite accounts were disappearing for good, with affected users forced into considering subscription options to avoid losing access to a decade-plus of purchases. It didn’t take long for fan rage and anger to push for a substitution plan, with a survey effectively promising some sort of migration policy for those with less than ten people on a custom domain. After delaying the transition to make time for a finalized plan, a new “no-cost Legacy G Suite” tier is finally here.

As shared on Reddit (road 9to5Google) Google is now allowing users to move to a new free option through the affected account’s Admin Console. In addition to a suggested plan for “business use,” the company has added a “personal use” option, which serves as an opt-out for an automated transition to paid plans now scheduled for June 27th. If you select this route, you’ll keep your custom domain, retain access to Workspace services and other Google apps, and maintain all of your purchases at no additional cost.


Choosing this option does come at the sacrifice of any “business functionality,” including 24/7 support channels. Google clarifies this plan is for personal use only, so if you’re running a business on a legacy G Suite account, you’ll still need to pony up some cash.

If you decide to upgrade to a paid subscription at a later date, Google will offer users a “special discount” available through Admin Console. Meanwhile, those who already upgraded ahead of the company’s original May 1st deadline can reach out to support to move back to a free plan, so long as you transferred your account after January 19th, 2022.

This new option should ease the fears of anyone still rocking a legacy G Suite account. Just make sure you sign up before June 27th — otherwise, you might miss your shot for good.

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