Kyler Gordon Had Matt Eberflus Gushing At Bears Presser

Matt Eberflus doesn’t seem like a man prone to heavy praise. Like any football coach, he’ll give guys credit when it’s earned and offer some necessary critiques when required. At least when speaking to the media. So when the man goes out of his way to highlight a player, it is noteworthy. Such a moment arrived during his first press conference during Organized Team Activities when asked about Kyler Gordon.

Eberflus was asked about the adjustment period for a cornerback in this new defense. Jaylon Johnson played his first two years in a Vic Fangio-style scheme. Gordon is a rookie. One could understand why they might need time to master the responsibilities of a new system. The head coach wasn’t concerned about it, stating his responsibility was simple. He would coach them. They play the same position, and that would make it easy to teach. It was here that, unprompted, Eberflus made sure to single out Gordon’s contributions thus far.

It is hard not to get excited hearing that.

Eberflus has been around some good cornerbacks in his NFL tenure. So, to single out a rookie like that cannot be understated. Draft experts said it was a surprise Gordon fell that far in the 2nd round. Some felt he was good enough to go in the 1st but was overshadowed by his more celebrated teammate, Trent McDuffie. Most chalked it up to his relative inexperience at the position that he slipped. Either way, the Bears head coach can’t seem to believe his good fortune.

He now has the makings of a top cornerback tandem, along with Johnson. The former 2nd round pick played well last season and figures to be even better in 2022. If Gordon lives up to the early hype, this could be the best pairing the franchise has seen since Charles Tillman and Tim Jennings. What makes it even better is both are under the age of 24. So they have a chance to stay together for years.

Kyler Gordon represents a bridge to the future.

One of the biggest fears for many Bears fans was what happened in the early 2010s. The team finally seemed to get the offense figured out in 2013, but it was too late by then. Age had caught up to the defense. Brian Urlacher was gone. Tillman and Lance Briggs were slowing down. The defense fell apart that year, and what was left of a Super Bowl window close. The Bears finally seem to have a quarterback worth building around in Justin Fields, but their once-dominant defense is gone.

Khalil Mack, Akiem Hicks, and Danny Trevathan have left.

Eddie Goldman is out as well. The team really needs some of the younger generation to step up in their place. It looks like Johnson and Roquan Smith are pieces to that puzzle, but they aren’t enough. More is necessary. Kyler Gordon is one such possibility. Good cornerbacks are a valuable commodity in today’s NFL. Especially if you have more than one. That makes his development a must-watch.

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