The Best Ways to Raise Oxygen Levels

The best ways to increase the Oxygen levels in The Planet Crafter are by building multiple resource-efficient devices or several high-tier structures.

Oxygen is one of the three resources in The Planet Crafter required to increase the Terraformation Index score and reach new milestones of biological life. Survivors can increase their Oxygen by constructing a variety of buildings and structures that become available during different stages of development. To build these oxygen-producing facilities, players will need to procure a sufficient amount of materials gathered from the land or produced within refinement machinery in this survival indie game.

Most of the structures that generate Oxygen in The Planet Crafter have several tiers, which indicate the resource amount they produce. For instance, the Algae Generator T2 will naturally produce Oxygen at a higher rate than the Algae Generator T1. Likewise, Vegetube T1 will not make as much Oxygen as the highest level available, T3. Therefore, players will need to ensure they are always using the higher tier or upgraded versions of the structures when possible for the best and most efficient results.


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When players first get started on their planet, they can increase Oxygen levels by building a device known as the Vegetube. However, these devices do not innately generate any breathable gas. Seeds must be planted inside the Vegetubes for Oxygen to begin to be produced. These seeds can often be found within the Storage Containers scattered throughout this immersive survival world.

Increasing Oxygen Levels In The Planet Crafter

Increasing Oxygen Levels In The Planet Crafter

Seeds come in various forms, with rarer seeds producing more Oxygen. Below are the types of seeds that players can find on their journey:

  • Seed Lirma – Oxygen Multiplier: 100%
  • Seed Shanga – Oxygen Multiplier: 150%
  • Seed Pestera – Oxygen Multiplier: 200%
  • Seed – Oxygen Multiplier: 300%
  • Seed Tuska – Oxygen Multiplier: 400%
  • Plant Orema – Oxygen Multiplier: 450%
  • Plant Wound – Oxygen Multiplier: 500%
  • Golden Seed – Oxygen Multiplier: 600%

Once players have enough resources to reach the first few stages of Terraformation, the best and most effective way to increase Oxygen in The Planet Crafter is with the Tree Spreader T3. Unlocked after the Terraformation level reaches 79.50 GTi, the Tree Spreader T3 is able to produce an exceptional 12,500 Oxygen per second, including 680 Biomass. It consumes 193 kW/s of Energy, making it an efficient source of production.

To build the Tree Spreader T3 in The Planet Crafterplayers will need the following crafting materials from the survival indie world:

  • Super Alloy x1
  • Bacteria Sample ×1
  • Tree bark ×1
  • Fertilizer T2 ×2
  • Zeolite ×1

If players have yet to unlock this powerful device, it is recommended they use these other machines, such as multiple Algae Generators or Biodomes, for effective Oxygen production.

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The Planet Crafter is available on PC.

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