Compiling All The Bungie Hype For Destiny 2’s Secret Season 17

We are in deeply unusual territory with Destiny 2’s season 17 launch, out this coming Tuesday. While we’ve heard about some sandbox changes and system overhauls, this close to launch we still don’t know any storyline basics, what characters it involves, the name of the season, or even the new subclass element that’s getting a rework. And we don’t know why we don’t know that stuff.

But there’s one common thread. While some fans are worried this is a bad sign, that Bungie may be silent because they have nothing to show or Destiny 2’s season 17 will be underwhelming, that’s just not what Bungie employees are saying. While yes, you are generally going to plug your own work, there is a somewhat unusual level of internal hype for season 17, above and beyond what we’ve seen in the past. It all points to an idea that some big and/or unexpected is coming next week.

I wanted to go through and compile some pre-hype from Bungie itself. Here’s what I’ve got:

I think the first time I noticed this was from Dr. Hazel Monforton, a relatively new senior narrative designer at Bungie who tweeted just how good season 17 was shaping up to be a month ago, before we knew how much of a secret it would end up being:

This past week, here’s Sandbox Lead Kevin Yanes extolling the virtues of what may be the new subclass update, if not the entire season:

And after that, he says he wants people to send him reaction videos, which seems like there’s some sort of big moment of discovery we’re supposed to see. Maybe with the story, maybe with the subclass update, I’m not sure. But again, pretty unusual!

Here’s Senior Producer Rachel Levine who has worked on seasons Opulence, Dawn, Arrivals, Chosen and Lost in the past:

I’ve seen community manager DMG say a few different things about how good this season is going to be, this part of his answer on reddit to a post about stacking bounties and prepping for the new subclass stood out to me:

“Overwhelming majority of players are just straight up hyped for the season, and will lose their minds when all the goodies (paid season, free subclass update) are revealed.”

Look I like Destiny a lot, but really, really curious what players will “lose their minds” about when the seasonal content and subclass update are revealed.

And here’s Joe Blackburn, Destiny 2 game director

Okay maybe that one is underselling it a bit.

But yeah, the impression I get is that something bigger or more significant than usual is coming. Whether that’s a wild subclass update, enormous universe plot twists or large-in-scope content, I have no idea, but I’m certainly dying to find out and this damn secrecy really is working on me, I guess. See you Tuesday, and we’ll see what all the hype, and mystery, is about.

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