They flew a freaking Kerbal to the International Space Station

Kerbal Space Program is a simulation game, released on Steam early access in 2013, where players take charge of an embryonic space program crewed by Kerbals. These little green humanoid-y things are pretty charming, and one of the game’s joys is watching these muppet-ish characters come up against the game’s extremely in-depth physics system: if your skill level is anything like mine, it often doesn’t go well for them.

But I imagine Boeing’s engineers are pretty good at the game, and indeed seem to love it. The company’s Starliner capsule recently docked with the International Space Station, and it had brought a surprise passenger along for the ride: Jebediah Kerman, one of the four original Kerbals from the game, was strapped-in next to a humanoid test dummy (thanks, Engadget (opens in new tab))

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