OPPO will show off its AR glasses in the US for the first time

What you need to know

  • OPPO is offering hands-on demos of the OPPO Air Glass and OPPO AR Glass 2nd Gen glasses in North America for the first time.
  • It will showcase its AR tech at the AWE USA 2022 conference.
  • It’s unclear if the tech will actually sell in North America, given they rely on OPPO’s phones and watch.
  • OPPO Air Glass has a monocle design with MicroLED display and micro projector, and can track gestures and head movements.

OPPO doesn’t sell its phones in the US — not counting OnePlus phones — but it might bring its augmented reality (AR) tech here instead. On Thursday, OPPO announced it would show off the OPPO Air Glass and OPPO AR Glass 2021 devices at Augmented World Expo USA 2022, which takes place June 1-3 in Santa Clara, California.

OPPO announced Air Glass last December and launched it in China earlier this year. Unlike most AR glasses, it’s designed like a monocle and showcases data from your OPPO phone at 1400 nits of average brightness. It uses a coffee-bean-sized Spark Micro Projector that shines content onto the microLED lens, and runs off the Snapdragon 4100 chip found in many Android smartwatches.

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