Broadcom Selects LitePoint to Accelerate Verification of New Wi-Fi 7 Chips

LitePoint, a leading provider of wireless test solutions, announced its collaboration with global technology leader Broadcom to ensure performance and accelerate verification of access points based on Broadcom’s new Wi-Fi 7 chips.

LitePoint’s IQxel-MX tester has been selected to test Broadcom’s industry-leading chips, since this test platform enables comprehensive validation of key new Wi-Fi 7 access point and client features, all of which are critical to ensuring the high speed and low-latency communications to support next generation applications such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

For residential and enterprise users, Wi-Fi 7 offers higher throughput, reduced latency and higher reliability, thanks to many key enhancements to the standard including 4096-QAM modulation, extra-wide 320 MHz channels and flexibility to operate in all 3 frequency bands. Multi-Link Operation (MLO) further increases Wi-Fi’s capability to operate in high-density congested environments by allowing access points to schedule transmissions on multiple links to optimize bandwidth, latency and range.

With best-in-class RF performance, the IQxel-MX is optimized to validate a device’s wireless signal quality and optimal operation over multiple links and multiple bands. This makes the IQxel-MX the best choice for accelerating R&D development of next generation Wi-Fi access points that utilize Broadcom’s Wi-Fi 7 chipsets.

Adam Smith, LitePoint Product Marketing Director Director
LitePoint is proud to continue our collaboration with Broadcom to deliver the newest Wi-Fi technology to the market. Our fully integrated, easy to deploy high-performance test solutions are essential to ensuring that Wi-Fi 7 devices meet the challenging metrics of this new wireless standard. Broadcom selected LitePoint’s IQxel-MX solution for its best-in-class modulation accuracy, ensuring high measurement precision for the highest Wi-Fi 7 data rates.

Manny Patel, Senior Director of Product Marketing for the Wireless Communications and Connectivity Division at Broadcom
Broadcom continues to demonstrate our Wi-Fi leadership by providing a full suite of Wi-Fi 7 ecosystem solutions with a comprehensive access point chipset portfolio that is optimized for enterprise and residential networks. LitePoint’s IQxel-MX validates the performance of the advanced features in our Wi-Fi 7 chipset, guaranteeing improved user experience with high speed, reliability, low-latency communications, and extended range.


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