5 things you need to do to save the planet

In light of earth day/earth month, it’s only appropriate that we take a few minutes to talk about the ways we can help save our planet from any further damage and even reverse the effects we have currently put on it!


And recycle correctly! This is often where people go wrong. In case you are unaware (most of us are!) every recycling plant does not accept every well-known recyclable item. Depending on the plant and area, you may only be able to recycle plastic bottles while other areas can accept plastic items, glass items, and paper items alike.

Make sure that you are checking your local areas guidelines for what items they accept at their recycling plants and be sure to do the same anytime you go somewhere new!

Use less plastic

Plastic is the leading contributor to our current pollution problem. Studies show thereare 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans alone, let alone what is taking up space in landfills and scattered throughout nature! Luckily, there are numerous ways that you can go about reducing your plastic usage including,

· Using compostable straws or metal straws

· Skipping the plastic produce bags at the grocery store and use reusable ones

· Swapping plastic grocery shopping bags for reusable bags

· Trading out throw-away plastic containers for reusable glass ones

Use less paper products

This one can be a little more difficult pending your love of paper products, but it is so beneficial to our environment. As you are probably well aware of, paper is made from trees…so the more paper you use, the more trees have to be cut down, leading to the more destruction of our environment.

Where you can, try to swap out paper products for non-paper or recycled paper products such as journals/notebooks made from recycled paper.

If you’re up for it, I even recommend switching to electronic products altogether where you can! There are numerous journals out there now that are electronically designed to be reusable, take advantage of these!

Eat less meat

This may not be the most appealing thing to some of you, but the meat industry is of the leading cause to global pollution. By reducing your meat consumption, you will reduce the meat industrys ability to add toxic fumes into our air and reduce pollution rates! I recommend having at least 2 meat-free days for week to start. Who knows, you might just enjoy the meat-free life!

Walk more

Not only is this good for the environment since you will be reducing the amount of gas being emitted into the air, but it’s also great for your health! I personally walk to locations that are less than 20 minutes from my house (walking time). I think this is a great number to start with and to increase over time!

There are numerous things that we can do so help preserve our environment, but I highly recommend starting with the easiest swaps you can and building from there!

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