AMD Mendocino might not be a threat to Steam Deck’s APU, reportely features only two 2 Compute Units

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AMD Mendocino with 2 Compute Units

Following the announcement of the new AYANEO Air Plus console with AMD Mendocino APU, a known leaker has revealed that the APU reportedly features only two Compute Units.

Mendocino was announced by AMD at Computex earlier this week. This is a new low-power Zen2 APU equipped with RDNA2 graphics. This unusual configuration for a new processor is already used by Valve’s Steam Deck handheld gaming console. Therefore, with AMD’s unveil of a similarly spec’ed quad-core APU, one assumed that Mendocino and Van Gogh may share more than just architecture.

AMD already confirmed that those are two different silicons, but the company did not provide the full specs of Mendocino’s RDNA2 graphics subsystem. However, according to Golden Pig Upgrade, Mendocino features far fewer Compute Units than anticipated. The APU reportedly offers just 2 Compute Units, which is four times less than Van Gogh.

AMD Mendocino rumored to feature 2 Compute Units, Source: Weibo

Two RDNA2 Compute Units will be even fewer than rumored AMD Raphael iGPU specs, which reportedly has four CUs. And even that configuration was declared as AMD as not gaming-capable. Interestingly, the AYANEO Air Plus console features a 1080p screen, rather than 720p which is usually better for low-power integrated graphics.

Of course, neither AMD nor AYANEO have confirmed Mendocino’s 2 Compute Unit configuration, so this might still not be completely true, however, the leaker has previously provided correct information before it was confirmed by official sources. Also given, the main purpose of Mendocino, which are light and thin mainstream laptops, it wouldn’t be totally surprising.

Update: Angstronomics have confirmed that Mendocino has only 1 WorkGroup Processor (WGP). In RDNA2 architecture each WGP has two Compute Units, it would therefore corroborate the story.

Angstronomics can reveal that the graphics for Mendocino, codename Teal Grouper, contains One RDNA2 WGP.

– Angstronomics

AMD RDNA2 Handheld Gaming Consoles
VideoCardz AYANEO AIR PLUS AYANEO 2 Steam Deck
Architecture AMD Zen2 & RDNA2 AMD Zen3+ AMD Zen2 & RDNA2
SoC AMD Mendocino Ryzen 7 6800U AMD Van Gogh
SoC CPU 4C/8T @ TBC 8C/16T @ 4.7 GHz 4C/8T @ 3.5 GHz
SoC GPU AMD RDNA2 2 CUs @ TBC AMD Radeon 680M 12 CUs @ 2.2 GHz AMD RDNA2 8 CUs @ 1.6 GHz
Memory TBC LPDDR5-6400 16GB LPDDR5-5500
Storage TBC TBC 64GB eMMC (PCIe Gen2x1)
256GB/512GB NVMe (PCIe Gen3x4)
Display 6″ 1920×1080 7″ TBC 7″ 1280×800 IPS
Release Date TBC Late 2022 February 2022

Source: Golden Pig Upgrade Pack (Weibo) road ITHome, @KOMACHI_ENSAKA

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