How to get Paper in V Rising for the Research Desk

V Rising Paper is essential if players want to conduct research, and can be found by fighting bandits and human enemies in specific areas across Farbane Woods and, to a lesser extent, the rest of the V Rising map. Alternatively, players can craft Paper in V Rising by making a Paper Press and using it to generate regular sheets of the stuff, though you need to get the schematics to build it first. We’ll explain in more detail below how to find Paper in V Rising, or how to build your own in the pursuit of research. That Desk won’t feed itself.

How to get V Rising Paper

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To get Paper in V Rising, players can either find it in the world around them in key locations, or craft it themselves. We’ll cover finding it first, as it takes quite a while into the game before you’re able to make your own paper, and finding it is much easier, done within the first hour.

Finding Paper in V Rising is most easily done by taking it off human enemies – primarily bandits, who each have a small chance to drop the stuff, along with other items like 5 Rising Whetstones. It’s also quite common as a random drop from chests, crates and barrels in bandit camps in the Farbane Woods, the starting area.

Use your map to highlight enemy camps and areas to see what they have stored – if Paper is listed, head there and drink anybody who looks at you funny before kicking open all their storage lockers and having a rummage inside. If you need more Paper, either head to the next encampment, or go back to your Castle to give it all time to respawn. Paper drop rates aren’t too high, but the general availability of this particular resource means you’ll get to roll those dice many, many times on every raid.

How to Craft Paper

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To craft your own Paper you’ll need a Paper Press, but that takes a lot more preparation. To get one, you’ll need to kill Nicholas the Fallen, a level 37 boss. He doesn’t drop the Press, but instead the Study, which functions like your Research Table, except it requires 75 Scrolls per random study, and has a whole new set of things to uncover. Woof. If you need help finding 5 Rising Scrollscheck our guide on that.

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