Elon Musk Roasted By Video Game Site Over Stolen Twitter Meme

Elon Musk frowns deeply.

Photo: Maja Hitij (Getty Images)

When I was six, I peed my pants in class because I was too proud to use my public school bathroom. Similarly, sweet billionaire and alleged sexual harasser Elon Musk peed his proverbial pants after a Twitter scuffle with the satirical video game site Hard Drive. Neither Musk nor Hard Drive returned a request for comment.

On May 30, Musk posted a screenshot of Hard Drive‘s article “Zodiac Killer Letter Solved by Opening It With VLC Media Player” with the site’s name cropped out. This was done in accordance with his belief that online images exist to be stolen-in 2019, Musk tweeted that “no one should be credited with anything everthough he is currently very angry that President Joe Biden has not yet publicly acknowledged Tesla as a leading electric vehicle company.

Despite his thinking that crediting artists for their work is “destroying the mediumMusk did eventually delete the image he swiped from Hard Drive. But it took a battle of wit and stamina to get him there, which is to say that Musk regurgitated a few aphorisms about art and comedy until Hard Drive skewered his approaches to both, making him, presumably, turn his Tesla on Autopilot and cry his way to yet another shareholder lawsuit.

“The selfless art of anonymous meme creators is something to be admired,” Musk tweeted at the Hard Drive Twitter account after it requested credit twice.

“ok well lemme know what you think about this one,” Hard Drive said in response and posted a link to an article titled “Elon Musk Admits He Wants to Travel to Mars Because No One Hates Him There Yet.” Musk did not seem like he wanted to steal that one.

“The reason you’re not that funny is because you’re woke,” he said. “Humor relies on an intuitive & often awkward truth being recognized by the audience, but wokism is a lie, which is why nobody laughs.”

A most intriguing observation indeed. It forces us to ponder why Musk reposted Hard Drive at all. The site’s being “not that funny” and “woke” clearly proves an affront to his discerning taste and sensibility, which includes allegedly showing an unwilling woman his penis. It is also possible that Musk’s condemnation of Hard Drive‘s “wokism” stems from some sort of affinity with the Zodiac Killer, the origin of this Twitter spar.

“very funny to me that elon’s example of ‘woke humor’ is an article making fun of the ZODIAC KILLER of all people,” Hard Drive editor-in-chief Jeremy Kaplowitz said. “woke comedy is ruining everything, man. you used to be able to kill a bunch of people in the 60s and write letters to the police about it, but not anymore.”

Musk called a Hard Drive writer a coward for blocking himdeclared the stolen meme he tweeted to protect a result of aslow meme dayand rounded the night off with another pilfered meme. This one was about putting your phone down and going outside. Hopefully, Musk stays online—who else would defend the Zodiac Killer’s honor?


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