A New, Virtual World to Come

Big change takes time to truly unfold, especially in the world of gaming. Sure, games evolve and get better, but that’s improvement–not an industry shift. Right now, the gaming and tech landscapes are transforming in a big way.

Innovations like the metaverse are on the rise. Multiplayer and MMO gaming from anywhere with low lag is now possible. The ability to play an AAA video game on your phone, and to seamlessly switch between mobile, console, PC by streaming the game is becoming the new normal.

Essentially, gamers today can play games, on any device, at any place they happen to be. That’s a reality right now–and that big leap forward in mobile gaming is largely thanks to 5G making the experience possible.

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This new gaming era doesn’t just happen overnight. It requires a lot of different companies to create the infrastructure that make it work. That’s what the gaming and tech sectors have been doing for the past decade, and networks like 5G from AT&T* and other mobile providers are the basic building blocks for the future of gaming.

You’re already living with the early version of the latest sea change, but there’s more work to be done. Right now, companies like AT&T, Google, and NVIDIA, are iterating toward our new reality.

But the big, landscape-altering changes are starting to take shape. The seeds of this were planted a decade or more ago–and they’re finally emerging as something amazing. For a while, tech–including virtual reality, augmented reality, motion control and cloud gaming–have had their own niche spaces. Today, 5G provides the key to unlocking all their potential.

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When you combine those technologies with a 5G connection from AT&T, it really changes everything. Before 5G, there was simply too much latency over mobile to play fast-paced online games and streaming a game from the cloud on a service like Stadia or GeForce NOW was out of the question.

But 5G is essentially unshackling our technology. Now that mobile internet connections can be nearly as stable as our home internet, there’s nothing stopping us from moving full speed ahead into the metaverse future. What does that mean for you? Oh man, it’s gonna be great.

Traditionally, when you play a video game, whatever device you’re playing on is the device that’s processing it and making it go. With cloud gaming, your network and the cloud are doing the work instead. That’s because the game is running elsewhere on a rig in a server farm and AT&T 5G is delivering the data back and forth almost seamlessly. Functionally, it works the same way as playing on a console – you press a button, which sends the signal to the device playing the game, which gives you an output on-screen. In the case of cloud gaming, the device just might be hundreds of miles away.

Most home internet services can handle that without major input lag, but even a 4G LTE connection wasn’t snappy enough. With AT&T 5G, that lag is low. In the short term, it means that cloud gaming is absolutely stellar now, because if you’ve got a 5G phone and service you can play AAA console games where you want. And AT&T is making it easy to try that out – all of AT&T’s 5G customers are entitled to free six-month trials for the Google Stadia Pro and GeForce NOW cloud gaming services.*

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But this is bigger than that. 5G will be the fuel that makes sure the metaverse and all things extended reality can go wherever you do. Someday soon, you’re gonna wake up and realize that’s the world you live in. And that is going to be a beautiful day.

*Must have an eligible 5G device with qualifying wireless plan (min. $75/mo. before discounts). After 6-mos., Stadia Pro renews at $9.99/mo. unless you cancel. Nvidia, Stadia and access to 5G require compatible device. AT&T 5G not available everywhere. See att.com/5Gforyou for 5G coverage details. Subj. to change. New or existing AT&T wireless customers. Add’l fees, taxes & other charges, & restr’s apply. See for details.

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