Here are all the changes to Louisiana hunting, fishing licenses that took effect this month Louisiana Outdoors

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has begun implementing changes to its hunting and fishing licensing this month with a healthy list of differences to note.

It all started on June 1 with changes to its licensing structureincluding for those who want to buy new lifetime hunting and fishing licenses.

Under the restructuring, there will be fewer licenses that allow more privileges in an effort to streamline the process.

Here’s a look at all the changes for LDWF licensing:

  • The LDWF is now selling a $500 lifetime license that covers both hunting and fishing. Louisiana residents who already own individual hunting and fishing licenses – which were $300 a piece – will be grandfathered into the new program.
  • Those who hold lifetime hunting and lifetime fishing licenses under the old structure will not be able to convert those into the new lifetime licenses that cover both activities. However, you will keep your already existing privileges.
  • The basic freshwater fishing license has increased from $9.50 to $17, and now covers all legal means and gear for catching freshwater species.
  • The saltwater fishing license has bumped up from $13 to $15, and covers all legal means for catching saltwater species.
  • The license for hook & line/roadside crabbing increased from $2.50 to $5. It allows a person to use a pole, hook and line without a reel or artificial bait, dip nets, landing nets, minnow nets, crab nets or crab lines.
  • String and net crabbing now requires a fishing license.
  • Adults will now need a permit to visit an LDWF Wildlife Management Area for boating, hiking, bird watching, berry picking, fishing or hunting. The fee for an access permit is annually $20 or $5 a day. Children 17 and under do not have to purchase a permit. Access to the sites is included in the Sportsman’s Paradise License, Senior Hunt/Fish License and all lifetime licenses.
  • A camping permit is required for anyone who stays overnight on a LDWF Wildlife Management Area. The cost is $7 a night for up to five adults who are camping together and must be displayed at the campsite. Children 17 and under are not required to have a camping permit.
  • Anyone who is a retired member of the United States Armed Forces, including the Louisiana National Guard, and was born in Louisiana or is currently a resident of Louisiana, can buy any license for $20.
  • A Disabled/Special Circumstances License for $4 is available to those who are blind, paraplegic or amputees. Also eligible are surviving spouses, who are Louisiana residents, of members of the military who are killed in action.
  • A Disabled Veteran License is available for free to those who qualify.
  • A Senior License is not needed for anyone born before June 1, 1940. Anyone who is born between June, 1, 1940 and May 31, 1962, will have an annual license fee of $5. Anyone who is 65 and older after June 1, 2027, will have an annual license fee of $20.
  • A Lifetime Hunting/Fishing License is available for $50 to Louisiana residents 60 and older.
  • Youth licenses are now available to ages 17 and under. It was previously given to those 15 and under.
  • For deer and turkey hunting, those ages 17 and younger are required to buy a $5 Youth Hunting License to obtain deer and turkey tags. Youth who hold a Lifetime Hunting License are not required to buy the $5 license.
  • LDWF will have licenses included in LA Wallet. In the mean time, a digital copy of your license will be accepted – with the exception of deer tags.
  • Boat registrations will be valid for 3 years. Paddle craft will not require registration.


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