Night Sky’s Finale Reveals a Much Larger Universe Than Expected

The following contains spoilers for Night Sky, now streaming on Prime Video.

Prime Video’s Night Sky showed off a couple of new locations in the finale that greatly expanded the show’s universe. The central conceit of the show focuses on underground bunkers that can transport people great distances instantly, even to another planet, but the show has remained grounded in mundane locations for the most part. The show is a study of interpersonal relationships, including a deep exploration of aging, which is a fear into which writers love to tap, with sci-fi elements mixed in. However, the sci-fi elements promise to be more prominent after the events of the finale.

In an effort to find Byron, their lost neighbor, Franklin and Irene, played by JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek respectively, left the safety of their off-world observation hut and ventured outside onto the presumably desolate planet. In addition to finding their lost coffee table, they found out the planet was not uninhabited with the reveal of a large city. Their granddaughter, Denise, and caretaker, Jude, played by Chai Hansen and Kiah McKirnan respectively, arrived in Bangkok in their search for Jude’s father. Meanwhile, Stella and Toni, portrayed by Julieta Zylberberg and Rocio Hernadez, were kidnaped by a mysterious group.

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Even though Franklin and Irene find the new alien city breathtaking, it is likely to present a cavalcade of dangers to them. Like many locations on sci-fi shows (basically every Walking Dead location), the beautiful, seemingly pleasant city will end up deadly. Presumably, this is the city from which Jude and his father were so desperate to be free that they risked their lives and those of others. Those protecting the city from apostates have already proven quite violent in their quest to keep it and the transportation chambers secret. They are not likely to greet newcomers warmly. Given that Byron never made it back to the observation hut, it is reasonable to assume that the denizens of the city prevented his return.

Things could turn bleak for Franklin and Irene, but Denise and Jude face also face uncertain futures. They’ve followed the clues laid by Jude’s father to wind up in Bangkok. Jude’s father felt safe enough to escape there and to leave breadcrumbs for Jude to follow, so it stands to reason that it is not immediately dangerous for them as apostates.

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Stella and Toni may be hooded in the back of a van, but their plight also expands the scope of Night Sky. They’ve been taken by the “Fallen,” a group doing research into the transportation chambers, but more importantly those who use them. Captors are seldom as loving as the Mandalorian, and the Fallen are willing to go to great lengths for their unknown agenda. Stella and Toni are both questioning their previous blind allegiance to protecting the secrets of the transportation chambers and are ripe for conversion to the cause.

The deliberately-paced family drama that utilized sci-fi elements is poised to change into a sci-fi show that utilizes family drama elements to expand the show’s themes. Night Sky Season 2 on Amazon Prime has not yet been green-lit, but the reveals in the finale set the table for a rich and complex future.

Night Sky is streaming on Prime Video.

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