10 Best Twitter Reactions To The First Trailer

At long last the first official trailer for Black Adam has arrived, giving a better look at the highly-anticipated next installment to the DC Extended Universe. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars in the titular role as he contends with forces both good and evil.

The trailer is chock-full of exciting moments and captivating reveals, setting the stage for a thrilling experience when Black Adam hits theaters on October 21st. The teaser weeks ago was just a morsel – this trailer is a whole feast, and fans are clearly excited, sharing their reactions and hopes on Twitter.


10 15 Years Waiting

Black Adam has been a long-time coming. Back in 2007, Dwayne Johnson expressed interest in playing the villain in the Shazam! film that was being developed at the time. In 2014, it was finally announced that he would indeed take on the role of Black Adam as part of the still-forming DCEU, and finally, in 2022, his film is here.

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Dwayne Johnson is eager for the film to arrive and is clearly setting it up to be an epic moment in the franchise – he is constantly repeating the phrase “the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe will change” whenever he talks about the film, suggesting the movie could be something pivotal in its universe.

9 Worth The Wait

The trailer definitely proves that Black Adam could very well live up to the hype and expectations fans have developed for it. The film looks to be a great addition to the DCEU, matching the scale of Justice League with the kitschier aesthetic of Shazam!. While existing in the franchise, it feels quite independent.

With one of the greatest movie stars around the world as its lead, it is unsurprising to expect that Black Adam will perform remarkably in theaters. Although the DCEU has had a difficult ride so far, it hasn’t lessened anticipation for this Dwayne Johnson-led movie that looks like it could take the whole franchise in a different direction.

8 More To Come

While the trailer is certainly epic and impressive, this can only be a fraction of what’s to come. Many have remarked that the character designs and effects look clean, something that should be a standard in trailers yet isn’t always.

Obviously, it centers on Johnson as Black Adam, but it also gives a better look at the JSA and Intergang. Importantly, the main antagonist has yet to be revealed. For a while, it was theorized that Marwan Kenzari, who was cast as an undisclosed characterwould fulfill that role, and the recent reveal of the film’s Funko Pops seemingly confirms that he is indeed Sabbach.

7 An Homage To The Greats

Some fans noticed the film’s supposed parallels to other popular films from recent years. That’s not rare in the superhero genre, yet some of these decisions seem far more deliberate, so as to really compare Black Adam to other heroes. Particularly there is the segment in which he is flying and two fighter jets approach him. While in Iron Manhe accidentally downs a jet and saves the pilot, here Black Adam deliberately takes them out.

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Other comparisons have been made to Black Panther in the design of Hawkman’s ship and the X-Men series with the cryostasis pod. Elements like this are authentic to the genre as comics from DC and Marvel are constantly reacting, parodying, and affecting each other, so the films should as well.

6 Impeccable Design

The DCEU has never really strayed away from complex and interesting character designs, and Black Adam seems to be no exception. Specifically, many fans are already praising the great costume designs. They are definitely referential to the comics, yet with an updated and exciting flare.

Kurt and Bart are the team behind these incredible designs. They’ve also served as costume designers for Deadpool 2 and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – both parts – and are set to return to superhero films with the highly-desired Deadpool 3 in the MCU. These designs will surely cement Kurt and Bart as some of the best costume designers in the DCEU.

5 The JSA Is Here!

While they were first revealed in the initial teaser weeks ago, this trailer gives a better look at the Justice Society of America. Led by Hawkman, the team is also composed of Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone – though there are definitely more members ready to join the DCEU.

Each was given some moments of action in the trailer. Atom Smasher’s abilities to grow were shown as he ran through the city. Doctor Fate clearly demonstrated his magic in casting a powerful enchantment, and Cyclone was shown beautifully and swiftly flying. As this fan pointed out, this must only scratch at their involvement in the film, so there is far more to come.

4 Hawkman Finally Gets The Attention He Deserves

Aldis Dodge, recognized for One Night in Miami…is playing Carter Hall aka Hawkman, the leader of the JSA in Black Adam. Importantly, despite being a mainstay in the comics since his introduction in 1940, this will mark Hawkman’s cinematic debut. He’s been featured steadily in animation but in live-action, it’s been limited to brief stints in Smallville and the Arrowverse.

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This already looks to be a film worthy of such a milestone, and Dodge looks incredible with his Nth metal wings out. Hoepfully, this will not be the only appearance of Dodge as Hawkman in the DCEU as he deserves his own film, which can introduce Hawkwoman too.

3 A Fateful Casting Choice

Many fans agree that the DCEU struck gold in nabbing Pierce Brosnan to play Kent Nelson aka Doctor Fate in Black Adam. The hero is exceptionally powerful with a unique sense of morality compared to other heroes, and there is much about Doctor Fate that fans are probably unaware of.

Not only does he look cool, but Brosnan was featured the most in the trailer, besides Johnson. Some have already theorized that he might not survive the film, thus opening the door for a younger actor to play Nelson’s successor and his nephew, Khalid Nassour, later down the line. Regardless it is exciting to see Brosnan in another prominent and interesting role.

2 Don’t Mess With Black Adam

If the trailer proved one thing, it’s how powerful Black Adam is in the DCEU. As described he can rival the gods in strength, even Superman, adding more fuel the fire of many fans hoping to see the two characters face off against each other sometime in the future.

Yet he is probably more dangerous generally than Superman because he is no hero. An important line in the trailer comes with Hawkman telling him that heroes don’t kill – but Black Adam does. His sheer strength and presence will definitely make him a challenging adversary for Superman and his nemesis, Shazam, though fans will likely have to wait a while to see that.

1 He Caught A Rocket

Black Adam already seems to be a classic Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson film. It looks like it will be an epic, action-packed spectacle, yet not lacking in heart and humor as shown in this silly line at the end of the trailer. This, thankfully, continues a trend among recent DCEU projects like Shazam!, The Suicide Squadand Peacemaker that bring a sense of levity to the sometimes-overly dark and serious DCEU.

It will certainly be interesting to see how Black Adam fully approaches the character’s ruthlessness and violent nature in a way that would still allow him to feel authentic and of the world in a future Shazam! film and beyond.

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