My ex broke my heart – so I cut off my arm tattoo

This scorned lover is forever scarred.

Torz Reynolds, a 35-year-old tattoo and body-modification addict, drastically cut off a chunk of her own arm where her then-boyfriend’s name was tattooed after he cheated on her.

The Herefordshire, England, native thought chopping off her limb that was inscribed with her ex’s name was “quicker than lasering it off.”

Reynolds then went the extra mile and mailed the piece of tattooed flesh to her ex-man.

“Years ago, I cut off the tattoo of my ex’s name and sent it back to him in the post,” she told Jam Press.

“He had been a naughty boy and cheated on me so obviously I wasn’t going to keep his name on me anymore,” she continued. “I opted to cut it out purely because I had already done skin removal before. I knew it didn’t hurt that much and it’s much quicker than laser sessions, which is a bit of a long game.”

She went on, “I had totally cut contact with him before I sent it, so I have no idea what his reaction was. This was really just my dark sense of humor at play.”

Story from Jam Press (Tattoo Cut Off)
The British native sliced ​​off a portion of her arm because it had the name of a cheating ex tattooed on it.
Jam Press/Torz Reynolds

The Brit runs a body-piercing business and has multiple piercings, tattoos and modifications, including a split tongue, scarificationskin removal and implants.

Apart from her taking off a hunk of arm, she’s also removed her earlobes and clipped off one of her fingers. The extra part of her finger is currently stored in a pendant inside a display cabinet.

She explained that there would be moments that she would tape down her pinkie to see if she could “get along without it and see if it would hinder me in any way.” And well, it turns out it didn’t.

'I cut off the tattoo of my ex's name after he cheated on me because it's quicker than lasering,' says Brit and extreme body mod addict
Reynolds lacerated a piece of her pinkie finger just because she felt like it.
Jam Press/Torz Reynolds

She prefers to do her own work on herself, so for her digit-diminishing procedure, she set up a workstation to ensure it went smoothly. “I have a lot of professional knowledge when it comes to modification, so I knew the risks I was undertaking,” Reynolds said.

She purchased cutters for herself from a local hardware store and set up a sterile environment. After she fashioned a tourniquet for her finger, she made “one quick chop and boom, it was done!”

“It was all over in a second and I couldn’t have been happier,” she said of cutting off her pinky — the detached part of which she has nicknamed Wiggles.

Even though she has the piece of her little finger stored in a necklace, she won’t wear it around her neck because she doesn’t want to lose the precious commodity. “To this day, [Wiggles] just sits at home in my cabinet next to the jar of my earlobes and random dead things,” Reynolds said.

'I cut off the tattoo of my ex's name after he cheated on me because it's quicker than lasering,' says Brit and extreme body mod addict
Reynolds has a passion for tattooing, body piercing and body modification.
Jam Press/Torz Reynolds

As for her family’s reaction, the ink artist explained they knew that she was “seriously considering” changing her body, “so it didn’t come as much of a shock to them.”

“Like anyone who loves you, they just want me to be safe and happy,” she said.
“I’ve done many other modifications that some might see as extreme, so it was just another Tuesday to them.”

Reynolds also pointed out that she has received some hate for her grisly choices. “After revealing my finger, I got a lot of the usual nonsense: offensive messages, death threats and such, which I always find amusing.”

She added, “It’s bizarre to me that something I do with my body that literally doesn’t affect another single being can upset people that don’t even know me and are unlikely to even ever meet me.”


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